Monday, March 18, 2013

A Saturday in Hudson

This past Saturday afternoon was wonderful.  It finally felt like spring was just around the corner!  

The sun was shining and the crisp clean air was refreshing and welcomed on my drive, as I met Kim for lunch in Hudson.

 I mean, look at that clear blue sky!

We began our afternoon of sister bonding with some scrumptious coffee at The Cascades.  I ordered a large cappuccino while Kim sipped on her medium sized latte. It was a necessary step before an afternoon of food, wine, walking, talking and shopping!

Once our morning pick-me-ups were finished, we headed down the street to this amazing little gem called Swoon Kitchenbar.

Trying to get the most out of our Saturday-sister-meet-up time, we arrived exactly the time they opened, well maybe a minute or two early, but the lovely staff didn't mind!

Waking in, we were met by the smiling face of a hostess standing behind a beautiful wooden cabinet adorned with a fresh vase of flowers, which sat just in front of a painted rose bush on a distressed piece of wood.

Kim and I immediately fell in love with just about every aspect of this place! The decor was crisp, clean, open, and one of a kind!

Behind the hostess stand is a full dining room packed with tables, big comfy chairs and beautiful flowers.

Now, on to the food....

Things are always changing at The Swoon Kitchenbar, as their menu focuses on fresh local ingredients and is usually updated weekly! 

 Before deciding on what we wanted to eat, it was more important we figure out what we wanted to drink!  It was a tough call between the Swoon Bloody Mary, and a bottle of wine, however, in the end, a bottle of Chardonnay was the winner... (Wine usually is in my book!)

We decided on a 2007 Mâcon Chardonnay, which was crisp and refreshing.  It paired nicely with the food we chose too!

Once Kim and I finally looked at the menu we quickly glanced back at each other knowing we just had to dig into their Cheese Plate

Three chunks of deliciousness were served with crunchy toast and an amazing fruit preserve that paired great with each cheese.   

My favorite was the Ewe’s Blue from Old Chatham Sheepherding in Old Chatham New York. I've always been a HUGE fan of Blue Cheese, but this one is amazing. Bright, blue-y tangy goodness!

I would have to say my second favorite was the cheese in the middle, which I believe is the Hudson Red from Pampered Cow Creamery in Philmont New York. This soft cheese spread nicely over the crispy toast.

We then dove into some Bacon Wrapped Dates drenched in Maple Syrup! Sweet, salty, and meaty all wrapped in to a bite sized piece of heaven. No exaggerations either...I was sincerely upset we did not decide on two orders!

 After that little tease, we split their Roasted Beet Salad with local goat cheese and baby lettuce.  

It was a scrumptious and refreshing choice.  They served huge chunks of beet which were so yummy along with the perfect amount of greens and cheese!

I can't help but to almost always order a beet salad when it is on a menu.  No matter what way they are prepare, beets always make my taste buds dance and are sooo good for you too!

Kim and I also indulged in their House Cured Gravlax with poached eggs, crispy potatoes, and baby lettuce.

Oh-em-gee! This dish is similar to Eggs Norwegian, minus the English Muffin on the bottom.  Having a crispy potato with every bite was a delightful change and the amount of Gravlax was insane!

After we finished our meal, we asked our cheerful server, whose name is Erica I believe, a little bit about the place.  She informed us that the place has been open for 7 years and is owned by a couple, who happened to be away on vacation...lucky ducks!

Once we killed our bottle of wine, we headed out onto Warren Street where we stopped in a few stores, as well as another amazing gem a little up the street, called The Spotty Dog Books & Ale.

What an amazing idea--selling local beer in a book store!  A few tables were placed near the windows, while a decent sized bar allowed for more seating, all while having plenty of room for an amazing selection of books!

 Miss Kimberly checking out some new reads while sipping on her beer!

An adorable card I found while perusing through the store!  It reminded me of my sisters and I as little chillens! <3

The final purchase! Kim bought me Mindy Kaling's book, while she opted for Steve Martin's book!  So far I'm LOVING mine! Kim and I totally enjoyed our Saturday in Hudson, and hopefully plan on making it a monthly date day! 

 Please share any great spots have you found in the Hudson area!

If you want to check out Kim's blog for the fun things happening in Albany, her blog is The Simple Little Treat.


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