Sunday, March 3, 2013


My and my sister's birthday was a few days ago and we turned the unexciting, milestone-less 23 years old. Boy, am I not where I thought I was going to be at this stage in my life.

 Thinking back, I could not have been any more na├»ve in my younger years.  My sister and I would always lay around planning out the way our lives were going to go. When I was younger I was determined to be married, have some amazing job where I would be making loads of money, and have a baby on the way by the time I turned 23!

 Thankfully, in reality, there are no babies on the way just yet, I am not married, however I do have an absolutely amazing boyfriend, and I am still on the hunt for that dream job... 

Anyway... this year, my amazing man and I headed up to Albany a day early to spend some quality time with my sis and her guy, where we went out to The Albany Pump Station for their "Wild Game and Beer Dinner."

I was extremely excited because I had not tried a majority of the meats included in this meal. It was a four course extravaganza with a beer paired for each course. 
Originally I was going to go over the menu and my favorites of the night, however, my twinnie, Kim did an amazing job and covered all the bases on her blog The Simple Little Treat.  Be sure to check it out, because I could have not described it better myself! And I'm pretty sure they are planning another in the near future which is something you all must attend!
The next day, my boyfriend and I met my older sister for a mid-day feast at Taste, located in downtown Albany.

Holy Moly did we enjoy ourselves! To start off, we each chose something from the tapas menu.  

My sister Brittany chose the Tempura Shrimp with a Red Pepper Curry  dipping sauce.  The shrimp were plump and delicious, however we weren't as crazy about their curry sauce.  

I opted for the Tempura Prosciutto Wrapped Long Stem Artichokes with a Basil Ailoi Dipping Sauce...they were TO DIE FOR!  Crispy, crunchy, and tender, and the sauce was absolutely delicious.  

Next we all had a taste of their Braised Short Rib Bites with a warm Blue Cheese dipping sauce. Can you say YUM!?

After that little tease we decided to indulge in two orders of their Beef Tenderloin and Blue Cheese Salad with candied walnuts and orange vinaigrette, in addition to their Roasted Brussels and Red Grape Saute.

Unfortunately, my very eager company couldn't wait to dig into their salads so I did not capture a picture of the deliciousness, however, here are the Brussels Sprouts!

  The combination of the crisp and charred sprouts with the sweet red grapes created a perfect balance.  I can't wait to attempt these in my own kitchen!

If you can believe it or not, my sister and I decided to dive into their Traditional Pastrami Reuben with sauerkraut, Swiss, and Remoulade on a delicious marbled Rye Bread with Sweet Potato Fries!

My love ordered the Bacon, Cheddar Sirloin Burger from Kilcoyne Farm.  

 It was cooked a perfect medium rare, was juicy and had the right cheese-to-bun ratio!

After our lunch we were stuffed to the max, however we still met up at my sister and her boyfriend's place for some more birthday celebrations.  We made pizza, drank some wine and ended the night with some birthday cake! 

Brit and I making Faces!

Kisses for Kim!

Kim, the other birthday girl hard at work in the kitchen!

The delicious pizza made by the one and only Kim!

The beautiful Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Filling and Whip Cream Frosting was brought by my amazing sister Brittany!  She knows us well!  Kim and I always go for the raspberry filling!

This was a great birthday filled with all the amazing people I love in my life! I could not have been happier! 

Please share some of your favorite birthday celebrations or your ideal cake! 

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