Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Wilderness Walk Through Pine Plains

Spring is finally on its way, and it has me super excited for all the beautiful warm weather to come! I always look forward to the first time after winter when I can drive around with my windows down, the welcomed wind blowing in my hair and my lungs full of fresh air!  

Yesterday I didn't do much driving, but I did go on a long walk with my love, Nolan and three of our four-legged buddies... Miss Ellie, Joba, and Red!  It was absolutely wonderful which is why I decided to share my delightful afternoon and the ton of photos I took, so prepare to scroll!

 I find something beautiful about this time of year, despite the trees and grass not changing colors yet.

The scenery was a muted beige but the afternoon was brightened up by the shining sun and intense blue sky! 
The dogs were certainly excited to be out and about racing around. They were running crazy with their noses to the ground, sniffing absolutely everything!
Nolan and I took about a two and a half mile walk roaming around this beautiful lake and wandered through the barn of an abandoned dairy farm.

This is one of my favorite photos of the day! I think it's beautiful.
I literally took like a bazillion photos of the lake and the barn. For whatever reason, I thought each and every snap was necessary.
  This was one of my favorite places during our walk.  I loved the huge beaver hut, which is a new addition since last year, according to Nolan!

We also came across a little woolly bear, who was not to keen on having his photo taken. 

 Look at that little man, trying to hide from the camera!

I would now just like to show off my model doggies, who were either posing or getting silly for the camera... 

What beauties they are!
The barn was interesting to walk through, and slightly nerve racking. Unfortunately, evidence would suggest, this is where larger animals took their "dinners" and left some scraps behind...

Apologies for the slightly blurry photo, I took more of some other remains but thought it wasn't necessary and slightly morbid!

Of course Nolan and I took some time to take a few silly photos of our bundled up selves!
Some other beauties we came across on our nature walk...
 I absolutely love this photo! I don't know what it is but it makes me smile every time! 

After a good amount of walking, our feet told us it was time to head home, and that is what we did!

Thanks for checking out all my photos! Please share some of your favorite nature places in the Hudson Valley and be sure to check back in a few weeks once spring has truly sprung!


  1. That looks absolutely gorgeous!! I'm going to have to take a hike through those pretty fields the next time I make it down that way!

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  3. Great write up... Sounds like a good time. I'd like to hike the mountain soon.. Just saying. :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, that sounds like a lot of fun, we should hike it!!