Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Planning the Perfect "Me Night"

My favorite day of the week is Thursday.  For most people, I'm assuming it's Friday they love, being that it's the end of a work week and all. But for me,  Thursdays are my "Me Night".  

If I plan on spending the night in, I always try to make it relaxing and spoil myself as much as possible! The key is to keep it simple. 
Three musts for my Thursday "Me nights" are:

1. Mini Spa Night
2. Indulge
3. Entertainment

Mini Spa Night: 
Choose two treatments and relax! Most of the time I opt for a face mask of some sort and a pedicure!  That way I can multitask and still enjoy myself. Other nice combos could be a hydrating hair treatment using coconut oil and a face mask, a hot soak in the tub and a body scrub, or the no fail mani/pedi combo! 

 My sister bought me the Elizabeth Arden Peel and Reveal treatment this past Christmas and it's amazing! I also love using Coconut Oil. It's crazy versatile and can be used for almost anything, and is supposed to be amazing for your hair!  

If you want to try the Coconut Oil Hair Treatment it's simple!  Just heat up the oil for a bit in the microwave, then massage it onto your scalp and let it sit for 20-30 minutes. Wash it out--it will most likely need two washes.  And voil√†, your hair is silky smooth!

 On Thursday nights I usually indulge in a big ol' glass of vino and some sort of yummy treat. I love cheese, so I sometimes pick at an assortment of cheese and crackers, or I go a different route and make a Greek Yogurt Pizza.  It's simple, delicious and usually takes less than 30 minutes to make!

One of the reasons I love Thursdays so much is because it's the night all of my favorite TV shows air, like Grey's Anatomy, and Scandal! If you're not into watching that much TV, a good book is also an amazing choice of entertainment.  I am currently in the middle of Mindly Kaling's book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And other concerns)". It's a light and funny read so far, and certainly brightens up my day whenever I pick it up!

Like I said before, the key is to keep it simple, so enjoy yourself and relax!  If you don't want to cook, order some take out! Remember... it's your night, so do what you want!

In what ways do you pamper yourself on your "Me night"? 

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