Monday, May 20, 2013

Belated Mother's Day Dinner at Crossroads Brewery in Athens!

Last Wednesday I spent the evening with my mom for a belated Mother's Day celebration! We met up, then headed to the river for a bit to enjoy the beautiful weather and surroundings!
 She lives on the outskirts of a beautiful little town that has such charming qualities. There are so many gorgeous historic buildings on almost every street!
The Stewart House, which was originally built in 1883, then restored in 2010, is an inn and restaurant, which unfortunately suffered sever damage from Irene, and has been closed for renovations.

After making our way back to the car we drove not even a minute up the road for dinner at Crossroads Brewery for some burgers and beer!

Luckily, the Brewery is located in another historic building in Athens, which is gorgeous both inside and out.

 Once inside, we were greeted by a friendly server, whose name I believe was Allie.

I have been to Crossroads a few times to grab a beer or two with friends, however my mom hasn't. Allie was kind enough to help us decide on what type of beer we would enjoy, and brought over a selection for us to taste!  

After tasting three each, we both decided on something scrumptious! My mom ended up with the Lighthouse, which is very light bodied and crisp. I went with the Brady's Bay Cream Ale.
Knowing it was going to take us some time to decide on what we wanted to get, we ordered a side of their Belgian Style Frites with assorted dipping sauces to hold us over! Perfect choice, by the way! 
 Each sauce was tasty and so different! There was a Sriracha ketchup, which had the perfect kick, a roasted red pepper puree, and a malt vinegar mayo. I couldn't decide on which I liked best, but we sure didn't leave any on the plate! 

When we finally made up our minds, my mother chose their Brewery Burger with a small Caesar salad, since we already indulged in their fries! She said it was a very tasty burger and had the perfect grilled taste, despite it being over cooked.
I went with their Smoked Pork sandwich with a BBQ sauce and sweet apple slaw.
 Just look at that monster! Holy Moly did I enjoy it! The BBQ sauce had the perfect blend of sweet and tangy goodness, and that slaw, oh that apple slaw was to die for.  Being the wonderful daughter that I am, I shared the slaw with my mother who thought it was quite divine herself! I smothered it all over my sandwich and finished every last bite!

 After we finished, I quickly wondered around snapping photos!
 I absolutely love this hallway! The walls are filled with historic information and photos.
Something you definitely need to know about this place is that they have live performances, hence this beautiful white piano! I believe the performances take place on Saturday nights, but check out their Facebook for the most recent happenings!

A few menu items that I must try during my next trip to Crossroads are:
-Local Cheese Board
-Brady's Bay Mussels
-Homemade Pretzels 
-Grilled Flat Bread Pizza

Another great must-do while visiting Crossroads is to try out their Beer Flights! You get to try 6 five oz. beers for only $12! Can't beat it!
Please share what your favorite beer/menu item is at Crossroads, and keep up with me on Instagram!

Until next time!

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