Wednesday, May 8, 2013

In the City Part I: Eats & Bulldogs

Nolan and I took a day trip to the city yesterday for the opening night of Ross Mathews' Book Tour! The book was released yesterday, so before heading to the city, I jetted over to Target to pick us each up a copy of Man Up! I read a bit on the train ride, I'm only 30 pages in and I could not stop giggling.  He is one funny mo'fo'! 

The show, at Gramercy Theatre didn't begin until 8PM, so we met up with Nolan's brother, Ryan for some scrumptious Mexican food at Blockheads! Oh, how I loooove me some Blockheads. 

There are six different locations. We met at the Midtown East location on 954 Second Avenue between 50th & 51st.
So far, I've been to two locations and they both have given off similar vibes. Very dark, crowded, with lots of decor and lights hanging about.

When seated, we were immediately welcomed with a generous bowl of chips and salsa. This was perfect because after the train ride and a 15 minute walk, our tummies were'a rumbling and maybe thirstin' for a BULLDOG! For those of you who don't know what a Bulldog is, my apologies because you are MISSING out! It is a frozen margarita topped with a shot of your choice and a mini upside down beer dumped in the middle!
While waiting for Ryan to arrive, Nolan and I both ordered their Orange Dog, along with a side of guacamole! At first I was going to go with the Red Nose Bulldog, which has red sangria atop a frozen margarita, with an upside down beer. But Nolan informed me that there was one with blood orange, something I just couldn't resist! I was very happy with my final choice, so much so, that I ordered two!

The Orange Dog is topped with a shot of Devotion Blood Orange vodka and frozen pieces of orange. Utter perfection.

 The guacamole wasn't my favorite...but we didn't have a problem finishing the little dish!

I've been to Blockheads numerous times and have always gotten the same thing: their Jamacian Jerk Burrito with black beans, Spanish rice, jack cheese in a curry wrap and a side of jerk sauce.

I haven't been in about a year, so I wasn't aware they changed the entire menu to be gluten free and vegan, which unfortunately changed the way my beloved Jamaican Jerk burrito tasted. It was still yummy, just not as scrumptious as I remembered.

Knowing that I would have to sit through a show, I decided to go mini! Instead of having the regular twelve inch burrito, I chose the mini size with a side salad! The dressing for the salad was delicious, unfortunately I forgot to ask what kind it was, darn Bulldogs!

Nolan opted for the super steak picadillo with guac and sour cream stuffed inside! I'm convinced he enjoyed his dinner, considering he finished the entire thing!
Ryan also had the Jamaican Jerk burrito, with a whole wheat wrap and brown rice!

On to round two of some Orange Dogs! 

Unfortunately for me, my round came earlier than the guys because I of course spilled my drink right onto my lap! :( I did feel a little warm, so I guess I couldn't complain too much!

After finishing up our tasty drinks we headed down to the show, giving ourselves enough time to get good seats! Luckily we timed it perfectly and snagged seats in the second row!

Until my next post, (In the City Part II:My BFF Ross) take a glance at my Instagram for a sneak peak of some photos! 
To find a Blockhead's location in NYC you can find it out here!

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