Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Lunch at 52 Main

This past Memorial Day my sister Kim and her boyfriend Matt came down for the day to celebrate with some drinks and try out a restaurant in Millerton called 52 Main.  

52 Main is relatively new to Millerton, the restaurant had just celebrated their one year anniversary a few days before. 

This place is lovely, once seated you're surrounded by both red brick and golden mustard walls, inviting you to stay for awhile.
The spacious bar is beautifully back dropped by a glistening tile boarder and informative chalkboards with their menus.
 After sitting, we knew it was time to get our drink on! Once I glanced through the cocktail menu I decided on the Lavender Martini, with house organic infused vodka and fresh lemonade, served straight up with a lemon garnish.
I am a huge fan of lavender and once I saw it on the menu, something I've never see on any menu before, it was a must-get in my book! The lavender was extremely present, however I wasn't all that impressed and wish it had been slightly sweeter with more citrus. There was however, about four other cocktails I wanted to try, so I'm extremely excited for my taste buds during my next visit!

Matt opted for their Taste of Spain wine flight, he enjoyed all three wines very much.
Now...onto the scrumptious goodies! Being that 52 Main is a tapas bar, we ordered a smorgasbord of items and shared! We started out with their special Heirloom Tomato salad, with Burrata cheese, infused oils and aged balsamic reduction. 

This was a delicious dish. The burrata was so soft and creamy, and was perfectly highlighted by the oils, which was great for dipping the house bread in afterwards!

Next to come was their mouthwatering tuna tartar with capers, shallots, parsley, egg crumble & pita. I have one word, heavenly!
The pita was the perfect compliment to the fresh tuna, it was both crisp and chewy, and certainly my favorite dish of the afternoon!

We then moved on to the caramelized Brussels Sprouts in red wine & balsamic vinegar.
The sprouts were cooked to perfection. A slight crunch and tanginess from the balsamic made my taste buds dance.  

We then moved on to a slightly guilty pleasure, a tiny skillet of Smoked Gouda mac & cheese with crispy bacon & Parmesan breadcrumbs!
Just look at that! A dish full of bacon, cheese, and pasta! What could be better?

Lastly, three hearty Diver Scallops with an Arugula puree, roasted garlic & thyme butter, topped with a grape tomato!
 Scallops are up there on my favorite seafood list, especially these big fat puppies! They were absolutely amazing, the thin crust on the outside packed so much flavor!

After declining to see the dessert menu due to our full tummies, something I was slightly upset about, we headed over to The Backyard Garden for some frozen strawberry cosmos and beer!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Memorial Day and thanked those who've served!
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