Monday, June 3, 2013

Six Must Have Beauty Essentails

I can spend hours in a store perusing the different beauty products, whether it's an assortment of lotions, serums, or toners.  After my fair share of trial and errors, I've finally discovered some of my favorite frugal beauty essentials that wont break the bank! There are countless beauty products out there that will cost $75 for a dollop of lotion. I just don't see how that is in any way practical, no matter how "amazing" it may be. So, the way I go about purchasing is by using an assortment of relatively cheap products and splurge on only one or two items!

To begin, I always wash my face with 
I have been using this soap for years. It has a very mild scent, does not dry out my skin, and creates such a creamy lather leaving my face extremely clean.  You should keep in mind that the 'gentle exfoliating' aspect of this soap is just that, gentle, so don't expect it to be a face scrub.  The tiny blue beads are only meant to moisturize your face while cleaning.  

My next beauty buy is Witch Hazel!
I've been using witch hazel for about 4 years and absolutely love it.  The main beauty purpose of witch hazel is to clear pores, reduce redness, create an even skin tone, and also reduces acne.  Every morning after my shower I dab a little witch hazel on a cotton ball and wipe it over my entire face. I've heard that it is best to wipe in an upward motion, because wiping down can eventually cause wrinkles, and no one needs any of that nonsense. 

 I swear by this little guy! I know we've all been there, when we have a hideous Mars-like zit in the middle of our forehead or hanging out by our chin. All we want is for it to GO AWAY! Well, if you become slightly obsessive about applying this spot treatment you will see some significant shrinkage over the course of a day!

Next on the list is Epsom Salt!
 Epsom salt is the All-Star of the beauty world!  Not only is it used for foot soaks or full body soaks in a relaxing bath, but it is perfect for a quick body scrub when mixed with your favorite body wash. However, my personal favorite is mixing Epsom salt with conditioner as a scalp treatment.  A quick in the shower scalp scrub, or a longer scalp treatment will get rid of any product build up or dry skin hanging out up there, leaving your hair with tons of volume and bounce!

I know ladies, we don't like to admit it but sometimes we all have a little 'stache going on! This product is amazing because you don't have to put yourself through the torture of getting your lip waxed, which takes off a complete layer of skin and leaves a huge red line across you face, which might as well be a blinking neon sign. What's also great about this creme is that they provide you with a smaller lotion to apply to the area afterwards, leaving it soft and smooth!

Last but not least, my splurge item, the Elizabeth Arden Peel & Reveal Revitalizing Treatment

On days when I need some extra pampering or before a special occasion, I whip this bad boy out. After applying a complete layer of this sticky goodness with the adorable little brush I wait for it to dry. Once dried, I peel it off starting from my chin and pull upwards.  It removes the excess dirt and oil leaving my skin feeling tight and clean!

If you have a beauty essential of your own, I'd love to know, so please share some of your great finds in the comment section!


  1. my favorite post so far! I had no idea about the epsom salt + conditioner! Thanks!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, Epsom Salt is great, I'm pretty sure you can even do it up to 3 times a week too!