Wednesday, August 28, 2013

7 Fall Fashion Must Haves On A Budget

Fall is my absolute favorite season to dress for. It involves a lot of layering and accessorizing to make you comfy and stylish.  Here's a of list of my essential staples that I will be adding to my wardrobe this fall season!

1. Buckled Utility Jacket from Forever 21: $32.80- Perfect for chilly Fall afternoons, this jacket is an essential relaxed layering piece for Fall!

2. Kalina Animal Print Scarf from Aldo Shoes: $20.00- Any animal print accessory is a staple in my wardrobe. This scarf is versatile and will go with an array of fall shades.

3. Stylenomics Nail Polish from Essie: $8.00- This dark green is sleek and sexy. It's the perfect transitional color from all of summer's bright corals and reds! 
4. Mossimo Supply Co. Kayce Tall Boots in Brown from Target: $39.99- A pair of riding boots is essential in any fall wardrobe. Great when paired with leggings or a pair of skinny jeans, these boots are reasonably prices and have just the right about of flare in the back! 
5. Merona Kadence Wedge Ankle Boot in Chestnut: $34.99- Wedge ankle booties are perfect for day and night! They are easier to walk in than your typical heel and will keep your tootsies warm on chilly evenings!

6. Gowrie Handbag in Cognac from Aldo Shoes: $50.00- Sleek and simple, but with the right amount of silver hardware, this purse is the perfect size to toss all your daily necessities, plus roomy enough to bring home a few work items.

7. Gold Chevron Arrow Necklace from ILY Coutoure: $14.99 (on sale)- I've fallen in love with this Chevron necklace. It's trendy and delicate and will go with almost anything. It's also lightweight and the perfect length for layering!

What are some of your favorites for fall this season? Please share in the comments!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Yellow Peach and Heirloom Tomato Salad

I have a confession... Last week I posted about not indulging in delicious recipes any time soon because I am trying to eat a bit healthier. Well, lets toss that idea out the window because I just can't help myself! I've come up with a totally guilt free and scrumptious salad that's so good you'll want to kiss me! There is a catch, it does have the potential to get a little naughty! But I'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to go there or not!

What you'll need:
-1 medium heirloom tomato (35 calories)

-1 yellow peach (68 calories)

-5 basil leaves (1 calorie)

-3 tbsp balsamic vinegar (42 calories)

-4 oz of fresh mozzarella (optional-348 calories)

This mouthwatering fiesta on a plate is the perfect healthy summer salad, especially when using fresh ingredients. The entire salad is only 146 calories. However, if you want to treat yourself to some fresh mozzarella it will increase the total calorie count to 494 calories but, I say go for it! 
This salad can be prepared two ways. If presentation is important to you, take your time slicing up your tomato and peach.  However, if you're just going to toss it all into a bowl and bite into juicy chunks of sweet peach and fresh tomatoes, I say chop away! Personally, I think the latter is more satisfying despite my actions!
If you've decided presentation is key, now would be the time to alternate your tomato, peach and basil leaves. If presentation is not key, go ahead and toss it in a bowl!
 Once everything is situated to your liking, drizzle baby, drizzle until a stream of tangy balsamic fills your plate!
Is your mouth watering yet? I bet it is! Now, go make this heavenly salad for yourself and any one else you love! 

Until next time! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Tour & Tasting at Millbrook Winery

Sorry I've been M.I.A! Not going to lie, I've been kinda lazy lately. I'm also attempting to eat a bit healthier so I'm trying to tone down all the ooey goooey goodness recipes, but I'm sure I'll cave and throw one up soon!

Any who... a few Thursdays ago I took a trip to the Millbrook Winery and enjoyed a tour and tasting with my friends Alex and Courtney! 

As we slowly drove up the long gravel driveway we were met with rows and rows of grapes!
Guided by Bruce, a jokester of a tour guide, we walked through part of the winery and learned all about the process of wine making and the types of wine Millbrook produces.
 Their Williams Selyem, a popular Pinot Nior from California has achieved phenomenal ratings. 
Afterwards, we moved on to the barrels that the wine is stored in, learning the difference between the French and California way of storing wine. 
Here's one of the major store rooms filled with barrels of wine!
Finally, we went back to the tasting room and tried six different wines! 
First on the list, and my personal favorite of the tasting was their Tocai Friulano from their Proprietors Reserve, which had a strong acidity and was complimented by the sweetness of pear.
After the tasting a platter of bread and a bit of their Villa Pillo Tuscan Olive Oil and wine biscuits were passed around to soak up all the vino we just drank!
It was the perfect end to the tasting. The olive oil was rich and delicious and those wine biscuits were amazing! I was tempted to scoop up all the extra biscuits, but something in my head told me I might get a few disapproving looks from people.
Once we were done snacking Court, Al and I wandered around looking for the wines we wanted to purchase. Alex and I took home a bottle of the Tocai! She also bought a bottle of their Merlot for her sister. I can't recall the specific wines Court chose, but I know she ended up with two Reds.
I also purchased a bottle of Borgoforte from their Villa Pillo collections, per Bruce's suggestion.  And at the last second I snagged a bag of their white wine biscuits!

On our way out, Bruce showed me this sign that I just had to snap a photo of!

My trip to Millbrook Winery was a huge success and a bunch of fun! I'm looking forward to coming back in the fall to try a different selection of wines, with a majority of their Reds! For information on their tour schedule and pricing click here.

Until next time!  Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram!