Friday, September 6, 2013

Hummingbird Ranch's Tired Skin Face Masque

Just popping in to tell you about this incredibly delicious and refreshing face mask I recently picked up at the Dutchess County Fair a few weeks ago.

It's the Tired Skin Face Masque from Hummingbird Ranch in Staatsburg, NY. The mask is made with local honey, peppermint, and cinnamon, which is supposed to help improve circulation and rejuvenate your skin. After using it only a few times--I'm in love!
First reason being, it smells heavenly! The combination of honey, peppermint and cinnamon had me sitting back, eyes closed and feet up in seconds, with just one small sniff!

The second reason, it only cost me a whopping five dollars! Hummingbird Ranch also has a line of beeswax skin care products and lip balms, which are 100% natural and free of any artificial materials.

I'll admit, this mask will get a little sticky and messy. I highly suggest sweeping any and all hair away from your face before applying, but it's well worth it. After washing away the mask with warm water, my face is left feeling soft and smelling good for quite some time!

I've also noticed that this is a great spot treatment for all those pesky zits! Dab a bit on the little bugger and just forget about it. 
  If you're interested in picking up some for yourself, Hummingbird Ranch participates in many local farmers markets and also has their products at some local stores, so check 'em out!

Until next time.

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