Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Rhinebeck Farmers Market

This past Sunday I enjoyed a total 'girls' day with my friend Victoria in Rhinebeck. Victoria is hilarious, fun to be around, and full of energy all the time, so I knew the day was going to be filled with giggles and wine! First, we headed over to the Rhinebeck Farmers Market. I've been wanting to go there since I heard about it almost 3 months ago, but some how never managed to wake up and get the motivation to go...my lazy bum has been missing out! There are so many different stands, from fresh fruit and vegetables, to local wines, hard ciders, cheeses, and even hand made soaps! I was in heaven and very excited to wander throughout the market.

When we first walked into the market, we were met with a delicious smelling stand selling tamales, how awesome is that sign?!

 Neither of us bought a tamale because we were saving room for lunch later on, but it was very tempting.
 We took a gander at the piles and piles of fresh vibrant veggies from local farms, stacked neatly next to one another, but nothing really tickled our fancy so we moved on to the fun stuff: wine, bread, and cheese!

Only a few booths down, Victoria and I  stopped at Cascade Mountain Winery's stand and sipped on a couple of their whites. One we loved, one not so much. We each scooped up a bottle of their Vintage Private Reserve White, which is a blend of Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc. I've been curious about this winery for some time now, being that it is less than 20 minutes from my house!
We then fell madly in love with a jerk!
Garlic venison jerky to be exact, from Highland Premium Venison in Germantown, NY. I grew up on homemade venison jerky, from teriyaki to a secret spice, and I can honestly say, this is some of the tastiest and tangiest jerky I've ever eaten! We also snagged a Venison Snack Stick each. I chose teriyaki and Vicki grabbed the spicy one! I will be hunting them down at the next farmers market I attend!
We also nabbed a bite of their venison kielbasa, very tasty!
 I'm not sure if you know this, but cheese and I have a deep, sincere love for each other. Really, we complete one another.  I truly enjoy trying out new selections and it's an added bonus when they're made at a nearby farm.  So I was elated to see so many booths with cheese. We ended up stopping by Nettle Meadow Farm's booth and purchased a bit of their Simply Sheep cheese. Its texture is soft like a brie and tastes a bit like mozzarella. Very delicious when paired with a salty cracker!
 A little further down we ran into Raven & Boar Farm in Chatham, NY. They are trying to expand their farming business by building a Charcuterie kitchen on their land! Sounds yummy, however they are looking for some help with funding and have created a Kickstarter account to help them reach their goal. So, if you have any extra bucks to spare within the next few days head over to their page and donate what'cha can! But make sure you do so before October 6th, that's when their campaign ends.
We also made our way to admire a few baked goods, including freshly baked breads and focaccia from  Our Daily Bread in Chatham, NY.

If Vicki and I hadn't planned on heading to lunch after the market I most definitely would have bought a square of that fluffy piece of heaven because my tummy was'a rumblin'.

 We stopped by a few other stands but decided to call it quits and satisfy our tummies with some lunch at Market Street a few blocks up the road.

Be sure to check back to get the scoop on the rest of our girls day in Rhinebeck later on this week, or follow me on twitter @_Caitkane.

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