Monday, October 7, 2013

Shopping and Gelato in Rhinebeck

After our trip the the Farmers Market and Lunch at Market St. last weekend, Victoria and I decided to do a little shopping and maybe treat ourselves to something sweet before heading home. 

After lunch we stopped by Zephyr on Market Street for a quick glance at what they had to offer. While sipping on a complimentary glass of Champagne, we scoped out the vintage dresses and slips displayed on the adorable back patio. Clever way to lure in customers, I loved it!
 Caitlin, [fantastic name, may I add ;)] the owner of Zephyr, was too adorable, outgoing, and instantly made me want to be her best friend. Her shop, though small, had an amazing selection of dresses, sweaters and belts, most of which are made exclusively for her shop.  She was great with suggesting items that would look good on our figures. Although I only bought one item,[a pale yellow nightgown] I can't wait for my next visit, maybe I will do some of my Christmas shopping there this season-cant wait!

After, we skipped over to Winter Sun Summer Moon to do a little lite shopping. I may have had more luck than Victoria, though most of what I purchased are Christmas presents for my sisters-lucky ladies! Whenever I'm in Rhinebeck I always love peeking into their shop to see what's new and maybe search for any old items I wish I'd bought. 

Unfortunately, one of the most intriguing items I came across I forgot to snap a photo of, which means I guess I'll have to stop in sometime soon to check it out again! Shucks! :D It was some sort of foot massage you stood on that made your feet feel oh so heavenly. (Can someone please help me out with the name?)
After shopping for a bit, we stopped in Artigiani del Gelato for dessert! 
Can I just say, I've now found my new sweet heaven. Ever since I've been, I have thought about their gelato and beautiful macaroons every single day.
 Not sure exactly what to choose, I was given a generous sample of their butternut squash and ginger gelato- MUST HAVE!
They change their selections almost daily, and every one is better than the last! Seriously though, I had pumpkin, goat cheese with honey, and butternut squash with ginger in one divine cup.
 How delicious does that look? I'm sure once I've gotten used to all the splendors Fall brings I will venture out in flavors, maybe to vanilla or chocolate, but why keep it so simple when there are amazing flavors like basil, Cappuccino, and Chai Spice Latte. Oh my lord, my bellys growling for some right now!
Victoria went for the gold and got a heaping scoop of pure pumpkin bliss, can you blame her?
Please don't even get me started on the macaroons, their beautiful silver dollar sized maracoons, I think we bought them out!
 Well if you insist! Victoria and I kind of...splurged and ordered four each of the Cotton Candy and Vanilla. I will say, I wasn't totally sold on Cotton Candy as I'm not a huge fan of such sweet sugary treats, but they were kind of magical. For a split second, no exaggerations here either, I was brought back to my childhood of begging my parents for a big ol' bag of blue cotton candy at the county fair. And just look at those bright blue and sparkly pink sprinkled macaroons, beautiful!

 To say this was the perfect end to our Sunday afternoon is an understatement. I wish we could do this every day, but I don't think gelato and macaroons are figure friendly! Please make sure you visit them in person and let me know what you think! Also, check Artigiani del Gelato out on Facebook as they post their daily flavor selections!

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  1. Thank you so much for the glowing review, Caitlyn! It was lovely meeting you, and I'm so glad you had such a great time in Rhinebeck. I love Winter Sun/ Summer Moon too. There's always a bunch of stuff there I want. And the owner, Leela, is a lovely person. Also, I'm totally jealous that you got to try the macaroons! I keep hearing about them, but every time I go over there they're sold out.

    1. Of course, thanks for taking the time to read my blog! Also, keep trying to get a taste of the macaroons, they'll be worth the effort! :)

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