Thursday, November 21, 2013

Friday's Five: DIY Projects

This week has been pretty relaxing and has given me a good amount of time to think about all of the ways I want to get crafty in these up coming weeks... 

1. Thanksgiving is less than a week away and I can't wait for a day filled with family, food and laughter. I also have a bunch of mason jars laying around that might make for a great hostess gift!

2. I've wanted to learn how to knit for some time, but haven't found the motivation until  now! I read Lauren Conrad's blog daily and it's finally encouraged me to try out knitting! Which means some lucky ladies miiiight be getting something knitted for Christmas...if I can find a helpful tutorial and teach myself that is!
3. I've finally started doing yoga and I LOVE it! I'm not a morning person and always dread my alarm buzzing off, but once I'm out of bed I can't wait to start stretching my aches away! Since I only take a class once a week I'm going to use this Youtube video to keep myself busy!
4. Last week while visiting Kim, we had a bit of an adventure with a bottle of gold spray paint! Since it was so much fun, I figured I would have a little spay paint party of my own, and use this as my inspiration! 

5. I can't wait to pick up a bunch of beautiful bright flowers to decorate the house this holiday season! Some red and white Amaryllis and a mixture of Anemones will be perfect! 

 Please share some DIY projects on your to do list this season with me on twitter @_caitkane and use #laidbackDIY.

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