Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday's Five

So, I've decided to start a new habit where every Friday I share five things that have influenced me recently. Including things that I want to do, have enjoyed over the week, made me think a little, or just simply made me laugh.
1. I really want to test out a few new hairstyles. I'm usually pretty simple when it comes to styling my hair, so I'm trying to stray away from my normal routine and experiment with some fun new dos. I'll be peeking at this Pinterest board for some inspiration!

2. As much as I wish I was, I lack a certain creative crafty gene and I want to change that with lots and lots of practice.  Christmas is only a few months away, so I'll have plenty of time to test out multiple DIY projects. These canvas photos are on the top of my list!

3. If you haven't seen this already, then take  37 seconds to watch this video. It amazes me how superficial the media has gotten. 

4.When the cooler months show up I see an automatic green light for brushing on all the dark reds, plums, and occasional black nails. I'm absolutely obsessed with these girly nails, which means I will be flashing this nude, gold, and glitter combo within the next few weeks!

5. Even though Halloween has passed, this AT&T commercial makes me laugh every time I see it. That little cowboy's crazy!

Please share some things that you want to start doing on twitter @_caitkane

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